Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Fleamarket!

So, I haven't blogged in a few days, partly with a job interview (I start this Saturday) taking photographs at a Halloween theme place. A whopping $10/hr, minus $10 each time I work for gas as it's more than an hour away. Also costume commissions--which I will need to start tonight. Just a pair of knitted leg warmers and a tail a la Demeter from CATS.

More importantly, I spent the past few days with one of my closest friends Dawn! :) Dawn is like the musical theatre guru. She knows everything about CATS. Seriously. Everything. Well, except the gossip from actors in the last U.S. Tour, but I mean, come on, since I'm friends with a bunch of those crazy and amazing folks, I know all of that.

We had a GREAT time, and got to see four shows.

1. PULP SHAKESPEARE - Yes... it's EXACTLY what you think it is. It was at the Fringe Festival and I seriously almost peed myself laughing. It was such a GREAT parody. "DOST THOU SPEAKETH ENGLISH, LOVER OF MOTHERS!" <- Imagine that in Samuel L. Jackson's voice.

2. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - One of my friends (and now, one of Dawn's friends) Nathan Patrick Morgan plays the Jeweler and understudies Piangi! He was kind enough to give us a backstage tour, and we got to see him perform with the ever amazing Hugh Panaro. This Friday (wow... soon) I will be seeing him as PIANGI! I am SO excited. Then, I'll undoubtedly not see another show until November, when it's my birthday. If the previews for REBECCA start by then, Nathan and I might see it as a joint Birthday celebration.

3. PERFECT CRIME - What. The. Fuck? Enjoyable even though I seriously have no idea what I watched for 2 hours. One of the dudes from SAVED BY THE BELL played a psychotic, cross-dressing patient. That was pretty spectacular. The story felt dated, and I'm surprised it's been the longest running show on BWay. Very... bizarre. And nonsensical. And... well... no idea.

4. SILENCE! The Musical - 2ND TIME I SAW IT! Oh my God, it is DEFINITELY my favorite musical of all time. I don't care that it's a parody, I don't care that there are other shows with "bigger" names. This. Is. Effin. BRILLIANT! Go see it. Drop everything, and go see it. It's almost better since so many people get offended and walk out during the show, but I mean, there IS a warning for the show. And I mean... multiple Miggs. God, that was great. Can't wait until the next time I see it--maybe that around my birthday if REBECCA's still not on.

Where was I going with this? Oh yes. The BC/EFA Fleamarket. I was disappointed this year at the lack of... well... variety. No costume pieces. None. Like... 8 MAJOR shows closed this year. How come there are NO costume pieces? Oh, right. Probably since most of those are going on tour. Yay for the tour part, but boo because I sooooo desperately wanted a Gumbie Suit from Priscilla!

I did get to meet (and get a photograph with) three actors from REBECCA! Oh, God, PLEASE let this musical do well on Broadway. PLEASSSEEEEE. I've only followed it for the past three years, but still, PLEASE!!!!! (And can you guess which one of the folks below in the picture is me? Hint: I may or may not have a "Bonnie & Clyde" shirt on... yet another musical whose life was far too short on Broadway).

Um, that's all. A completely pointless post.

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